The project

In the Beginning was the Ancient Jamaanu. A period when the Gods were battling the evil forces among the men on Katiopa. Discover the stories of the Gods who guide and protect the Ntu people.

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The authors


Momi Mbuze

I am a dad who likes to tell stories to his children. I love to invent, again and again, tales and myths with African bases to root in them, the love of Mother Earth. I started by writing a fantastic trilogy, The Chronicles of the Ntu Empire, and then a science fiction series, “Kemetos, the new paradigm.”Then my growing children, the need for African images and illustrations, made itself felt. It was then that a friend, Boubacar propose to me to adapt in comic strip the first of out of series of the trilogy the Chronicles of Empire Ntu, entitled “The Ancient Jamaanu: Tale of the Gods”.


Boubacar Diallo

I was born in Africa, and raised in Europe. Like many people I knew Africa through stereotypes: Africa is poor, there is war, famine … I became an entrepreneur to break these clichés and participate in the construction of the continent. I launched Tutorys (education platform), AfrikanFunding (crowdfunding platform for African projects) and recently AfrikaTech. AfrikaTech is a media that promotes startups in Africa and the diaspora. Having grown up outside the Mother Land I want to reconnect with my roots. That’s why I created with my friend Momi The Ancient Jamaanu comic, a beautiful story that I can tell to my little princess.