Harihor the God-of-guidance

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God of Guidance

Before the existence of Google maps human beings depended on the use of compass and the wind to guide them in their direction, ships still use compass as means of guidance when sailing.


As little children our parents guided us through our first walk and they still guide us daily.

In school teachers, professors and Lecturers depend on the provided syllabus to guide the students.

Also in every religion we pray to God for guidance in every aspect of our life.

In Ancient Jamaanu comic book, Harihor guides the people.

Meet Harihor

God of Guidance

Harihor is a Half God, his sacred name is Gerem Oseyi Bara Kama, which means Guide and Announcer of the Word in the North. He is the archetype of the warrior mixing superhuman strength in combat and magician ability.

Description of Harihor

Name Harihor
Powers Superhuman strength and magical ability.
Appearance A little over two meters tall, dark skinned with braided hair falling to the bottom of his back and his eyes are light brown
Behavior He guides people
Garment Harihor wears a thin crown in the shape of a helmet with inscription in mystic languages (including number). He wears large gold ring on his wrist. His dress (cloak) is dark green with gold embroidery with leather leggings and sandals, tunic down to the knees with a wide leather belt on the chest and a gold breastplate rising to the top of his neck.

Harihor is an interesting character to look out for.

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