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Representation of the Un-Created Universe

AyanoAyano : Supreme representation of the manifestation of the Un-Created Universe. Supreme divine being represented as a luminous leopard, surrounded by halos of dancing light. Ayano is more than a God, he is not a person, he is a set of all the energies that impact everything that exists. He is the one who will give life to divinities like Seymela and Egbele.

But he is not the creator of the Un-Created Universe or the Created Universe. It is through the Word of Egbele and the breath of Life of Seymela that he will create the divinities of creation: Ntojia, Afhika and Afulani. Ayano is above all the consciousness that will animate, set in motion the spirits and cosmic forces of the Un-Created Universe that will be projected into the Created Universe and thus call to existence what is not yet materialized, born or created.




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