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Character Info

Real Name: Seymela

Alias: Mother-of-Souls

Powers: Her main power is that which allows him to heal, preserve and give back life.

Physical attributes: A woman of very great height, like all divine beings, about two meters tall, she is dark with skin, slender. Face of a woman with character, a deep look, very clear brown eyes. Long hair held by three gold rings.


Divinity, First Created. She is called Mother-of-Souls, the one who watches over the souls of the dead and protects life. She is also the Mother Priestess of the Order of Priestesses of the sacred city of Mount Imboko. She is completely covered in a long red cloth from her shoulders to the floor. Although divine, she has a temperament close to the humans who will be created.

She is the sacred representation of the woman, the queen and the warrior. She is the curator of royal power, the one who watches over the power of the leopard’s throne, and the one who enthrones kings and queens. She wears a scarification similar to a tattoo on her forehead, written in ancient language, that of the deities and which means “elder, first”.

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